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Episode 235:  The Kettle Sour



Episode 234:  Beer to Go


Episode 233:  Beer and Food


Episode 232:  Fall Beers:  Oktoberfest and Fresh Hop


Episode 231:  Pilsner and Kolsch


Episode 230:  Craft Beer Trends


Episode 229:  Craft Beer Swag


Episode 228:  Craft Beer Jargon


Episode 227:  Styles Come and Go


Episode 226:  Obscure Brewing


Episode 225:  Beer Fun Facts Return!


Episode 224:  The Evolution of the Craft Beer Drinker


Episode 223:  Carbonation


Episode 222:  The State of Craft Beer in South Dakota


Episode 221:  Wheat Beers


Episode 220:  Beer Festivals


Episode 219:  The Changing World of Craft Beer


Episode 218:  Wooden Legs 6th Anniversary Part Two


Episode 217:  Wooden Legs 6th Anniversary Part One


Episode 216:  Homebrewing


Episode 215:  Hops


Episode 214:  Craft Beer Continues to Grow


Episode 213:  Don’t Be a Beer Snob


Episode 212:  Brew Schools II


Episode 211:  Brew Schools


Episode 210:  Flagship February


Episode 209:  Flagships Five:  353 Irish Stout


Episode 208:  Flagships Four:  Split Rock Creek


 Episode 207:  Flagships Three:  Wild Hare


Episode 206:  Flagships Two:  What We Got


Episode 205:  Flagships One:  Farmhouse Ale


Episode 204:  The Year in Review


Episode 203:  Dark Beer


Episode 202:  Winter Warmers and Holiday Ales


Episode 201:  The IPA Revisited


Episode 200:  Let’s Talk Craft Beer!


Episode 199:  The Crowler


Episode 198:  Dakota Shivers and Lost Cabin


Episode 197:  Hockey and Hops!


Episode 196:  Hockey and Hops and Remedy Brewing


Episode 195:  Hockey and Hops!


Episode 194:  Badly Named Beer Styles


Episode 193:  Obscure Brewing Coming to Sioux Falls


Episode 192:  Craft Beer Primer Part Two


Episode 191:  Craft Beer Primer Part One


Episode 190:  Beers That Made The Brewer


 Episode 189:  Craft Beer South Korea


Episode 188:  The 40th Anniversary of the Legalization of Homebrewing


Episode 187:  The Hazy IPA


Episode 186:  Summer Beers


 Episode 185:  Beer and Bacon Festival:  Woodgrain and Take 16


 Episode 184:  Beer and Bacon Festival: Fernson and Talking Waters


Episode 183:  Independent Beer and Beer, Bands and Bacon Festival


Episode 182:  Wooden Legs 5th Birthday Party


Episode 181:  Wooden Legs 5th Anniversary By the Numbers


Episode 180:  Brewing Tech Part Two


Episode 179:  Brewing Tech Part One


Episode 178:  Brewing an Imperial Stout and Parti-gyle


Episode 177:  Field to Glass


Episode 176:  Glassware


Episode 175:  Random Beer Talk


Episode 174:  Spring Beers


Episode 173:  Craft Beer Bill


Episode 172:  Barleywine


Episode 171:  Wooden Legs Fifth Anniversary


Episode 170:  Wooden Legs Brewhouse Upgrade

  Episode 169:  Beer and Food

  Episode 168:  Craft Beer, the Local Model

  Episode 167:  Craft Beer at the South Dakota State Capital

 Episode 166:  The Year Ahead

  Episode 165:  South Dakota Beer History Part Two

  Episode 164:  Craft Beer Pub and Taproom Primer

  Episode 163:  Merry Christmas!

 Episode 162:  Wooden Legs Year in Review

  Episode 161:  South Dakota Beer History Part One

  Episode 160:  Favorite Taprooms

  Episode 159:  Rising with Wooden Legs


Episode 158:  Beer and Movies (and TV)

  Episode 157:  Fresh Hop Beer

 Episode 156:  Bombers

  Episode 155:  Wooden Legs Bottled Beer

Episode 154:  Labels

Episode 153:  Carbonation

Episode 152:  Trends vs. Tradition

 Episode 151:  Lagers

Episode 150:  Bottling Wooden Legs Beer

Episode 149:  The Best!

Episode 148:  South Dakota Craft Beer:  How it Looks From the Outside

Episode 147:  Beer Buying Guide

Episode 146: Beer in America (Happy 4th of July!)

Episode 145:  Whimsical Beers

Episode 144:  Beer and Bacon Fest and Growler Care

 Episode 143:  Wooden Legs:  Increased Distribution and Bottled Beer

 Episode 142:  Picnic Beer and Hendricks Beer and Bacon Festival

  Episode 141:  Corporate Beer

 Episode 140:  Lawnmower Beers

 Episode 139:  Wooden Legs 4th Anniversary

 Episode 138:  Beer School

 Episode 137:  Jeff Alworth on “The Secrets of Master Brewers”

 Episode 136:  Does “Craft Beer” Still Mean Anything?

 Episode 135:  Those Less-hyped Styles

 Episode 134:  Beer and Agriculture in South Dakota Part Two

 Episode 133:  Beer and Agriculture in South Dakota Part One

  Episode 132:  Irish Beer 

 Episode 131:  Beer Fun Facts

  Episode 130:  Beer Mixology

  Episode 129:  The Assistant Brewer

 Episode 128:  Beer Recipes 

  Episode 127:  Scottish Beers

 Episode 126:  Draft Beer at Home

  Episode 125:  The Imperial Stout

  Episode 124:  Look Back, Look Ahead

  Episode 123:  The Christmas Show!

 Episode 122:  Nitro Beers

 Episode 121:  The State of Craft Beer in South Dakota

  Episode 120:  Thanksgiving and Take 16 Brewing

  Episode 119:  New Breweries Coming to Southeastern South Dakota

 Episode 118:  Craft Beer Expo Wrap and Good Stuff at Wooden Legs  

  Episode 117:  The Sioux Falls Craft Beer Expo

  Episode 116:  Cool Weather Beers and High-Octane Halloween

  Episode 115:  Beer Byproducts and the 3rd Annual South Tap Takeover

Episode 114:  Beer Bible Author Jeff Alworth on South Dakota Craft Beer

  Episode 113:  Fresh Hopped Beers

 Episode 112:  Beer Writer Jeff Alworth

 Episode 111:  Lagers

  Episode 110:  Wooden Legs Gets Verified and Festival Season

  Episode 109:  The Wooden Legs/Zipline Collaboration and Wing and Brew Fest Wrap

 Episode 108:  Wing and Brew Festival and 90’s Night

 Episode 107:  Brewing Science and Brookings Liquor Store 10th Anniversary

  Episode 106:  Woodgrain Brewing and the South Dakota Brewers Guild

 Episode 105:  Jobs in Craft Beer

  Episode 104:  Beer Names

  Episode 103:  Kegs and Draft Beer

  Episode 102:  Wheat Beers

  Episode 101:  Dakota Territory Brewing and Downtown at Sundown


Episode 100:  Special 100th Episode with Seth, Drew, Rich and Dale

  Episode 99:  605 Summer Classic Beer and Music Festival

  Episode 98:  Craft Beer and Social Media

  Episode 97:  Favorite Bars

 Episode 96:  Beer Distribution Laws

  Episode 95:  American Craft Beer Week

  Episode 94:  Wooden Legs 3rd Anniversary

  Episode 93:  Surly Brewing

  Episode 92:  The Reinheitsgebot

  Episode 91:  Beer Collectibles

Episode 90:  Beer is Good For You!

 Episode 89:  Revisiting the Pale Ale

Episode 88:  Ancient Beers Part Two

Episode 87:  Ancient Beers Part One

 Episode 86:  Cooperate and Collaborate

 Episode 85:  Local Ingredients

 Episode 84:  Brew Day and Fight Jessie Fight

 Episode 83:  Spring Beers

Episode 82: Craft Beer Basics

  Episode 81:  Beer Fun Facts

 Episode 80:  HammerHeart Brewing

 Episode 79:  Homebrewing and Oak, Smoke and Folk

 Episode 78:  The Classics

  Episode 77:  Porter

  Episode 76:  Trending

 Episode 75:  The Christmas Show!

Episode 74:  The State of Craft Beer in South Dakota

Episode 73:  Starting the Journey

Episode 72:  Thanksgiving Beers

Episode 71:  Beer  Entrepreneur

Episode 70:  Sioux Falls Craft Beer Expo Wrap-up

Episode 69:  Darkness Day and Sioux Falls Craft Beer Expo

Episode 68:  Sioux Falls Craft Beer Expo

Episode 67:  South Dakota Tap Takeover and Corporate Beer

Episode 66:  BIG Beers

Episode 65:  Craft Beer Etiquette

Episode 64:  Beer Festivals

Episode 63:  Fall Beers

Episode 62: Hop Madness Part Two

Episode 61:  Hop Madness

Episode 60:  Beer Ratings

Episode 59:  Wing and Brew festival Wrap

Episode 58:  Wing and Brew Festival

Episode 57:  The Economic Impact of Craft Beer in South Dakota

 Episode 56:  Drink Responsibly

Episode 55:

Episode 54:  Summer Beers 2015

Episode 53:  Drink Local

Episode 52:  Packaging 

Episode 51:  Union Labs 

 Episode 50:  The Cicerone Program

Episode 49:  Session Beers

Episode 48:  Lagers

Episode 47:  Craft Beer Resources

Episode 46:  American Craft Beer Week and Wooden Legs 2nd Anniversary

Episode 45:  The Growler

Episode 44:  Choosing a Craft Beer

Episode 43:  Obscure Styles

Episode 42:  Guilty Pleasures

Episode 41:  Spring Beers

Episode 40:  Take 16 Brewing

Episode 39:  Women and Craft Beer

Episode 38:  Cider

Episode 37:  Trends for 2015

Episode 36:  Barrel-aged beers

Episode 35:  South Dakota Beer Scene

Episode 34: Zipline Brewing

Episode 33: Brewery Tours and Beer Release Parties

 Episode 32: German Beers

Episode 31: Distribution

Episode 30: British Beers

Episode 29: Tasting Beer

Episode 28: The Christmas Show

Episode 27: Aging Beer

Episode 26: Belgian Abbey Ales

 Episode 25: Beer for Thanksgiving

Episode 24: Sour Beers

Episode 23: A Beer Expo Recap and Oak, Smoke & Folk

Episode 22: The Sioux Falls Craft Beer Expo

Episode 21: Brookings Brew Kings and more

Episode 20: Stouts and the Sioux Falls Craft Beer Expo

Episode 19: Fall Beers and Odell

Episode 18: Oktoberfest at P’s & Q’s and Hobo Brew

Episode 17: Brew that Beer!

Episode 16: Water and Yeast

Episode 15: Malt and a Brewtopia Wrap

Episode 14: Hops

Episode 13: August Schell Brewing and Brewtopia

Episode 12: Glassware

Episode 11: Wing and Brew Fest

Episode 10: Specialty Beers

Episode 9: Beer and Food

Episode Eight: Homebrewing

Episode Seven: The Pale Ale

Episode Six: Beer Festivals and Bank Brewing

Episode Five: American Craft Beer Pioneers

Episode Four: South Dakota Craft Beer

Episode Three: Summer Beers

Episode Two: The IPA

Episode One: Meet the Regulars

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